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  1. Sam permalink

    It’s true, canon 915 is about ministers giving communion, not recipients taking (in conscience.)

    But pope Francis already talks about discretion. If a couple goes somewhere where the priest and community doesn’t know the situation…well, the objective situation can’t be called “manifest” relative to them, nor is there any way to expect a priest to act on a situation he doesn’t know about.

    Amoris Laetitiae isn’t just addressing a minister giving communion. It’s addressing spiritual directors, and mightn’t one’s advice be “go to another parish”?

    Or even within that priest’s own parish, mightn’t the situation be unknown enough?

    It seems there is some confusion between the standard of proof required for assuming sexual activity in a marriage case (basically, living together) and the standard required for public scandal being “manifest” which surely would depend on the *actual* knowledge/assumptions of the community, not merely some legalistic notion of what constitutes manifest. After all, if we are to assume the best, even if a couple is living together, who am I to assume they aren’t living as brother and sister?

  2. Elizabeth Hinton permalink

    What if in five or ten years time “Irma” and her “irregular” husband split up, like so many of today’s relationships, and she enters into another “irregular” situation, and ten years later yet another (not an uncommon thing these days), how does the Pope propose each of these relationships to be treated? I mean, according to AL, each one of them “has the grace of a real marriage” (or something like that, I can’t remember the exact expression used).

    Please do not disclose my identity. Thank you.

  3. Alistair permalink

    Deposing a Heretical Pope by Robert J. Siscoe is worth reading. Two PDFs (Parts 1 and 2) are available, just Google them.

  4. Chris permalink

    Ed, help me understand if the Church ever recognized (or assumed) the validity of a “marriage” between a baptized and non-baptized person prior to 1983.

    The Summa definitely points on the opposite direction from current Canon Law—would be interested to know what the 1917 code says.

    If this rather large assumption has “changed”—I think it is quite the albatross to reconcile.

  5. Joe permalink

    My wife’s sister is having her baby baptized. Her brother is in homosexual relationship and has been asked to be the Godfather, the local pastor and deacon approved it. I do not think it is right given the scandal involved; and think we should not attend. Can you give guidance?

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