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Some blog updates

May 13, 2019

A number of pressing projects have occupied my time the last several weeks but I now have updates on a few other items.

First, as promised a couple months ago, I have prepared a response to Dr. Monica Miller’s reiterations that (depending on how narrowly or broadly her own exceptions to the application of Canon 1398 are read) potentially millions of Catholic women around the world are excommunicated for abortion. I find such an opinion wrong to the point of startling but it is sincerely raised and deserves a considered reply—one too long, however, for a typical blog post. My remarks are found here.

Second, my thoughts on the Eastern Open Letter accusing Pope Francis of the delict of heresy appeared in Catholic Herald on-line. They are available here.

Third, I will offer some technical observations on Pope Francis m.p. Vos estis later today, in a separate post. (Update: Those thoughts are now here.)

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