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WordPress and the art of ‘In Your Face’

June 26, 2015

I use WordPress, a free program, to post this blog. My editing screen is mostly dull shades of grey; it’s boring to look at, but the program works pretty well. Plus it’s free.

Today, though, when I went to post my blog on the Supreme Court case, there was suddenly blazoned across the editing screen a marquis style Gay Pride Rainbow flag. Atop my usual shades of grey, the multiple colors veritably screamed ‘Gay Marriage! Gay Marriage! Gay Marriage!’. Unless WordPress got hacked or something, it looks like they (with all the lately-found bravery of one who jumps on a bandwagon after someone else has won a fight) wants folks to celebrate this Supreme Court decision. Mind, WordPress has never, in my three or so years of using it, marked its tool pages with any political logos or symbols of any kind. But today there is an in-your-face gloat over the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell.

Makes me wonder how WordPress (assuming it was them who ran the Rainbow marquis) might have celebrated the Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision back in the day. Perhaps a marquis featuring chains and shackles? Or how about the Supreme Court’s ruling in Plessy vs. Ferguson? Maybe back-to-back rows of chairs? Weren’t these both Supreme Court cases thought to have settled once and for all major questions of their day?

Yes, a lot of people are happy about Obergefell. I get it. But assuming everyone wants to celebrate it?

PS: I wonder whether WordPress’ paying customers were greeted with a political banner today. Or was it just us charity cases?


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