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A chronology of (mostly) my comments on ecclesiastical cooperation with civil marriage

November 25, 2014

15. Bad ideas know no borders (5 May 2015) in re Ireland.

14. I guess one in three Americans don’t know a good thing when they see it (4 December 2014).

13. Distinguish civil marriage from sacramental? Of course. Divide them? No! (25 November 2014) in re Mark McCall.

12. Rusty Reno, “Marriage Pledge is not an imperative conscience” (24 November 2014), Reno’s retraction of part of his argument.

11. Does a ‘decent interval’ suffice to rehabilitate what is (allegedly) wrong? (23 November 2014) in re Matthew Schmitz.

10. Rusty Reno doubles down (21 November 2014).

9. Ad usum Catholicorum: more problems with Radner-Seitz (19 November 2014).

8. This is not a good time to look at canonical form, but then, when is a good time? (19 November 2014).

7. My red-line notes on Radner-Seitz (18 November 2014).

6. Rusty Reno’s bad penny (18 November 2014).

5. The wrong response to a demand not made (22 October 2014) in re Abp. Charles Chaput.

4. “The Church and Civil Marriage”, a First Things collection of essays, mine at p. 38 (April 2014).

3. Why the Church cannot walk away from ‘marriage’ (1 July 2013) in re Msgr. Charles Pope.

2. A primer on Church teaching regarding “same-sex marriage” (27 March 2013).

1. Some first thoughts on Weigel’s call to reconsider civil consequences for Catholic weddings (14 November 2012) with French text here.


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