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A brief note on Cuomo and Communion

February 19, 2014

Back in 2011, I undertook an extensive analysis of some aspects of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s public conduct by which I concluded that, if he approached for holy Communion, it should not be administered to him (my arguments summed up here, but fully available in Part Five here). Nothing I’ve seen since then gives me any reason to change my position on Cuomo’s non-eligibility for Communion. That said, however, a brief news item later in 2011 noted that Cuomo, then a pall-bearer at former Gov. Hugh Carey’s funeral Mass, did not approach for Communion. That is the only reference I’ve noticed to Cuomo and Communion since 2011.

I mention this, again, because I still see from time to time calls for Andrew Cuomo to be denied holy Communion. Obviously, these persons assume that Cuomo is still taking Communion even though the only evidence I’ve seen on the matter, and I grant that it is slight, suggests that he is refraining on his own. Okay?

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