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Summer 2013 Latin-learning opportunities

May 22, 2013

As good things often do in times of turmoil, Latin is making a come back. There are too many summer learning opportunities in Classical and Ecclesiastical Latin to keep track of anymore, so I’ll just say, I’m going to two this year, both Ecclesiastical, back-to-back no less.

1. Familia Sancti Hieronymi, in Puebla Mexico, 27 July to 2 Aug. I’ve been to two of these before (once with my son Thomas, now the American Papist) and this time with my teenage daughter Theresa (one year of Latin). It’s been a good ten years or so since I’ve been to a Cenaculum, but it was a very family friendly experience, featuring total immersion and gentleness at the same time. Always a good mix of skill levels and nationalities. A Florida attorney, Jan Halisky, is the force behind it, and he is a superb Latin conversationalist.

2. Veterum Sapientia, at Belmont Abbey College, North Carolina, 4 Aug to 10 Aug. First time for me and my son Robert (three years of Latin). Geared, it seems, more to priests and professionals, and taught by, among others, the great Msgr. Dan Gallagher and the legendary Fr. Reggie Foster. You’ll need to take a pre-test—I had to use a dictionary for some of it. Indeed, I learned some things just by taking the test! How cool is that?

Last I checked, there was still space available in both groups.

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