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Rt. Rev. Robinson fails to carry his point, but makes mine ably

April 24, 2013

Episcopal Bp. Gene Robinson misunderstands and/or misapplies just about every thing there is to misunderstand and/or misapply about Catholic rules for holy Communion (and several other things) here, but I’ve no intention of repeating what I and others have already set out about this matter.

But, in light of Robinson’s interjection of the clergy sexual abuse crisis in his remarks, I will pause to recall what I wrote in 2011 for Catholic World Report: “It is a given, and likely to remain one for the rest of our lives, that anytime the Church asserts some restriction on human liberty or urges some reform of human conduct, even if only toward her own members, the clergy sexual abuse crisis will be thrown in her face. Apparently a religious organization with child abusers in its ranks not only has no business commenting on social problems … it has no right to enforce its standards of behavior on its own members. Lost on these critics is the irony of their calling for less enforcement of canon law in the wake of problems that arose in part from not enforcing canon law in the first place.”

Like I said.


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