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The sad lesson taught by George Sanders

March 30, 2013

86-year-old George Sanders held a gun to his elderly and sick wife’s head—he says at her request—told her it would not hurt, and pulled the trigger. Some days later—maybe in pain, maybe not—she died as a result of that bullet to her head.

Now, the chances that Sanders will ever kill again are virtually nil. In that lone respect, the slap on the wrist he received for the first degree murder charge (which was plea-bargained down to manslaughter, God knoweth how) is not unreasonable. But in every other respect imaginable (e.g., moral per CCC 2277, or canonical per Canon 1397), his act was gravely wrong. What Sanders did is the matter of mortal sin and if he is a Catholic he needs to get to Confession right away. He shows, I think, some awakening of conscience re the deed.

The rest of us, meanwhile, need to pray that we not be tempted to kill our loved ones, too, and that, even if tempted, we will resist, trusting that God has his reasons.

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