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My reply to Dcn. James Russell’s post on Canon 277

August 6, 2012

There were a couple of developments on the clerical continence debate while I was busy overseas (May-July 2012). I plan to address these developments in time, and begin by replying to a lengthy post on this matter offered by Dcn. James Russell of St. Louis.

Dcn. Russell graciously sent me a draft of his remarks back in May, but circumstances allowed me then only to suggest that he be more precise in his terminology. His final version was published on his website, “The Body Guard”, back on May 19. I find his remarks thoughtfully and charitably offered. They are, however, mistaken, I think, in several respects.  Those interested in this matter can read both Russell’s text and my replies hereHis original post is quite long so I have placed my red interlinear replies directly in Russell’s text.


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