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Evil’s sense of entitlement: Planned Parenthood vs. Komen

February 3, 2012

I think Planned Parenthood is evil, but I don’t need to vindicate that claim for what follows to, well, follow.

Planned Parenthood is a non-profit corporation capable of, among other things, receiving donations from others. The Komen ‘Race for the Cure’ Foundation is a non-profit corporation capable of, among other things, making donations to others. For many years, Komen has made donations to Planned Parenthood, which Planned Parenthood happily accepted. Okay, fine.

But this year, Komen said that it would not make a donation to Planned Parenthood, and an unbelievable outcry erupted. Why? Because one non-profit, Komen, said it did not choose to donate to another non-profit, Planned Parenthood. What condemnations Komen suffered! What contemptuous scoldings! What hatred! And all because it, as an independent non-profit, decided that it did not want to make what was supposed to be a free gift to another independent non-profit. Now we read that Komen’s leadership has yielded to the fury and basically decided to make other “free” gifts to Planned Parenthood.

May I ask, where is it written that, once someone donates to a cause, one must forever donate to that cause?

I’ll tell you where I think it’s written: in Planned Parenthood’s mentality and that of many of its allies, for whom funding is seen not just as more money to pursue chosen ends, but as concrete reaffirmation that, in the final analysis, what they are doing is a good—this, against any fairly offered arguments to the contrary. Wrong craves reassurance that it’s right. Funding does not just help Planned Parenthood leadership to balance the books; it also helps them sleep at night.

I feel sorry for Komen, they seem like a nice bunch of people pursuing a worthy goal. But now Komen stands as an object lesson for other non-profits: run with the likes of Planned Parenthood for a spell, and just see what happens when you try to go your own way. +++

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