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Regarding Dcn. Duderstadt’s remarks on Canon 277 and clerical continence

October 7, 2011

Deacon Peery Duderstadt’s essay in the current issue of Chicago Studies, “A Modest Proposal”, attempts to reply to an article I wrote last year for Chicago Studies, “Diaconal Categories and Clerical Celibacy”. Duderstadt’s work is poorly conceived and very poorly executed. While it would be tedious to discuss all of the flaws in his essay, I feel that some response is in order. My criticism of Duderstadt’s essay must, I fear, be blunt. I have no desire to embarrass anyone, of course, but it might be instructive for others to see, from time to time, just what kind of ineptitude is wont to present itself, even in respected venues, as informed refutation of my (and others’) interpretation of the law.

My three-page Memorandum regarding Dcn. Duderstadt’s remarks on Canon 277 and clerical continence is here:


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