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Notre Dame’s Shame: do we care enough to click?

March 23, 2009

Thanks to the internet, it has never been easier for people to express their opinion on public affairs than it is today. Granting that kooks can express their opinions with ease as well, the simple fact remains that upright people can now weigh in on important issues like they never have before. Which means, I suggest, that good people have a heightened obligation to stand up for the right thing when they can do so with next-to-no inconvenience.

Notre Dame University has just invited President Obama, the greatest foe of unborn innocents ever to hold that office, to speak to its graduates, and has further determined to honor him with a Doctor of Laws degree. Not too long ago, Catholics who heard about it would have been basically limited to tsk-tsking another step in the dismantling of Catholic higher education.

Not anymore. There is something you can do about this.

Go the Cardinal Newman Society website, click on the Notre Dame Scandal Petition page, and record your name as being opposed to this invitation and honor being accorded by a purportedly Catholic institution to an open enemy of the unborn. It’s that simple.

For myself, I can only say, this is a list that I personally, would much, much rather have my name recorded on at Judgement, than have to explain why I didn’t bother to sign.

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